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to the Internet

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Unique Features


    Automatically fill web login forms on your Mac with passwords unique for each site


    Your phone's proximity logs you into most sites without extra effort -- like keyless entry on luxury cars.


    Carry all your passwords with you on your phone -- not on a cloud or in a password notebook.


    Your passwords are protected with a military grade AES encryption on your phone


    Add extra protection to sensitive sites by requiring PIN code or Touch ID on your phone


    Let technology do the hard work of making you safe.

How It Works

  • Auto login to sites

    Go to the login page of any site you have login credentials stored for in KeyReel. KeyReel will automatically fill in your login information for you so you won’t have to type it. If you have multiple accounts for the same site then KeyReel will display all the account names so you can choose the right one that you want to use this time. If the site is a protected site then KeyReel will send a message to your phone so you can approve the auto fill request from your phone.

  • Saving passwords

    Browse to the site you want to store your credentials for. Type your username and password and login in to the site. KeyReel app on your mac will prompt you to save the password for you. You can choose to add extra authorization for the site if you want. If you want an extra level of protection then you can mark this site as protected. If you do this then the next time you try to login to this site your phone will ask you for authorization before automatically filling in the credentials for this site.

  • Backing up your password store

    KeyReel can automatically backup an encrypted version of your password store on you mac. You can enable this feature from your phone. You provide a password to encrypt your password store that gets backed up. KeyReel will then update the encrypted password store on your mac every time you save a new password. This secure backup comes in handy if you lose your phone or want to change your phone. Remember that this backup is stored only on your mac.

  • Registration and Password Change

    KeyReel recognizes when you register on websites and prompts you to store your password so you have them stored and available for the next time you login to these sites. KeyReel also has built in functionality to detect when you are changing your password on websites and does the smart thing of updating your password automatically.

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